“Healing Alternatives Bath Salts with CBD are the best!”

There you go I’ve said it…talk about putting your head above the parapet!

When we first started Healing Alternatives I knew that I wanted to create a range of Dead Sea Bath Salts. I have loved bath salts since the very first time I used them in my early twenties and they have continued to be a part of my weekly ritual in one form or another for some time now. There is no better feeling than after a long soak, I feel calmer, more grounded and rebalanced, my sleep is deeper and more restful and my skin feels softer, basically all is well with the world again. My husband on the other hand was not convinced, his take on Bath Salts was flash backs of glass jars full of them in his Irish Grandmothers bathroom as a child. He is now a total convert and their biggest fan and I often catch him slipping off surreptitiously for a soak before bed. They also have the added advantage of calming his skin down when he has the occasional bout of eczema.

They are now one of our best selling products and we are so grateful and genuinely blown away by the never ending positive feedback we get from customers who continue to buy them for themselves and as presents for friends and relatives. So please keep the reviews coming we love to hear from you. I make sure we write back to everybody personally to say thank you whether the feedback is good or bad.

So what makes Healing Alternatives CBD bath salts the best? 

We set ourselves a goal to only create products that we would want to buy ourselves, that are transformative and offer good value. I truly believe we have succeeded to do this with all of our Bath Salts.

All of our Salts are made and packed by hand with only natural ingredients . We have two blends available on our site.

The first blend is CBD, Dead Sea Salts and Lavender and Clary Sage this comes in two strengths

Our standard 30mg of CBD per 1kg bag and our stronger Sleep Easy Bath Salts that have 100mg of CBD per 1kg bag.

We use only the very best organic CBD which is extracted from the hemp plant it is tested at source and then independently tested a second time to guarantee quality. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of over a 100 active compounds found in the hemp plant. It possesses many therapeutic properties but the main reason we use it as our cornerstone ingredient is that it greatly enhances our bodies ability to absorb all of the other natural ingredients we blend with it guaranteeing that we all receive the full benefits of the bath salts every time we use them.

We use Dead Sea Salts for their high concentration of minerals the ones we talk about the most on top of the actual Sodium Chloride (Salt) are Magnesium,Calcium and Potassium which are essential for everybody’s general wellbeing but don’t forget bromine, sulphur, phosphorous and iodine that also go to make up the 21 individual minerals in each one of our bags. These minerals are great for muscle recovery, stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation and helping to improve problematic skin conditions.

Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils when combined are amazing. The lavender works to relax the body and mind, helping to give you a more restful nights sleep. The clary sage is best known for easing stress and anxiety whilst restoring hormonal balance and wellbeing.

The second blend is CBD, Dead Sea Salts, Orange and Frankincense this comes in our standard 30mg of CBD per 1kg bag.

This powerful combination of Orange and Frankincense essential oils has been created to lift your mood and calm your mind when life gets a little blurh, you know those days . The orange oil is a natural antidepressant and the frankincense oil is responsible for reducing stress levels, inflammation in the body, easing joint pain and muscle aches.

Last month I focused on self love in the H:A journal, what it is and how we can bring more of it into our lives. Our bath salts are the perfect way to start introducing more self love into your life and so I have arranged for our Bath Lovers Gift Box to remain on sale to give everybody a chance to try both our Lavender and Clary Sage blend and our Orange and Frankincense blend at an even more affordable price.

The Bath Salts were recently featured in The Guardian in an article featuring affordable luxuries to treat yourself with.

Our CBD Bath Salts regularly get five star reviews; here is what one of our customers has had to say:

"Pure Luxury"

“I have always used salt in the bath once a week, was introduced to this product by a friend. Beautiful aroma of Lavender and the salts left my skin feeling soft and silky. Wonderful A1”. TC

Additional Questions

I always like to try to answer the most frequent questions I get asked about the salts at fairs we attend so here goes…

Who should be using CBD Bath Salts?

If I had my way everybody would have one of our bags readily to hand in their bathrooms. It is a great natural way to improve your health and relax and unwind after a long day. These versatile bath salts can be enjoyed by all, especially those who suffer from chronic pain, skin conditions, bouts of anxiety and stress and those who have trouble sleeping.

What is the difference between Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts?

Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts both provide a range of benefits. Epsom Salt is a mineral compound made up of magnesium, sulphur and oxygen and is found in warm mineral springs it has been used successfully as a home remedy forever, great as muscle relaxant and for reducing stress. Dead Sea salt is a mineral rich salt that is harvested from the the Dead Sea - a salt lake located between Jordan and Israel. Healing Alternatives uses Dead Sea salts because they contain a higher number of minerals to Epsom salts and provides a greater range of therapeutic benefits. Dead Sea salts are traditionally refined less than other salts available which means they retain more natural nutrients and act as a better carrier for our CBD and essential oils.

What’s the best way to use our CBD Bath Salts?

We recommend soaking in a warm bath at the end of the day before bed for at least 20mins this will give the pores in your skin time to absorb all the goodness from the CBD, essential oils and minerals in the salts.

How can I enjoy Healing Alternatives CBD Bath Salts if I am unable to have baths?

Create your own spa experience. Start by making an invigorating foot soak using the Healing Alternative bath salts with warm water. Soak for 20 mins and when finished, pat your feet dry and apply our rich moisturising dry skin balm with CBD, Mango and Cocoa Butter, designed to nourish, soften and repair sensitive dry skin and cracked heels —your feet will thank you later!

How much Bath Salts should I use?

I typically like to use 2 generous handfuls but you can always start with one then adjust as you see fit.

Are CBD Bath Salts with essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?

The reality is there has been no conclusive research on this subject, but when it comes to pregnancy I would always fall on the side of caution and wait until after the delivery.  It is also worth mentioning that some essential oils can cause skin irritation and should be avoided during pregnancy; so make sure you check with your doctor before using essential oils in your bath!      

What is the a difference between your standard CBD, Lavender and Clary Bath Salts and your Sleep Easy Bath Salts?

Both Bath Salts come in a 1kg bag and contain the same amount of Lavender and Clary Sage essential oil however our Sleep Easy Bath Salts contain 100mg of CBD per 1kg bag 70mg more than our standard bag and have been designed for people who are focused on improving their sleep.

If  you  have any additional questions please contact me using our dedicated WhatsApp link at the bottom of our website I will always try to answer them to the best of my ability and if this blog has in anyway been helpful and you think it might benefit someone else please feel free to forward it. 

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"Brilliant Product
I’ve bought these several times now. And I’m never disappointed - I’ve soaked my way through insomnia, house renovation, work stresses and more. They always works. An essential in my bathroom these days."


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"We have all been born with an innate ability to heal ourselves. This is our super power! We just have to remember how to use it again "

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