It takes a team to get a business off the ground and keep it running, H:A is no different and we really want to acknowledge all the hard work,help and support we have received from friends, family, customers, partner companies and independent business owners. We would like to give them a BIG thank you shout out and push some much deserved recognition their way.

Our dear friends, Andrew and Lize Copeland who started the adventure with us and their company One Thread who worked tirelessly to create our first site and so much more.

Aron, Andy and the team for believing in us and seeing our potential.

Camilla Nightingale, our friend and the owner of Holbrook Digital Consultancy for shining a light during the dark times and showing us the way forward.

The talented Ginny Pickles, who was able to listen to everything we wanted our brand to be and translate it into an intelligent and beautiful design.

The lovely Amelia Young, who never gave up and continued through thick and thin until the job was done.

Michal Lament, whose infectious enthusiasm, creativity and work ethic all came together to produce our wonderful site photography.

Leanne Combrinck the Founder of Nubou Marketing. Leanne's commitment and dedication to fostering Healing Alternatives growth and brand strategy has been invaluable and we look forward to working closely with her for a long time to come.

Milena Stancomb, Sofie Sibley, Charlotte Stopford Sackville, Lizzy Seigne, Rachel Peart, Selina Fraser, Justine Thompson, Nicky Elrick, Morgan K, Viktoria D, Teresa Robinson, Jodie Gibbens, Emma H-R, Melissa Lo, Anna Keeble, Rob Hughes, Anthony Morris, Serge BB, Alex Lewis, the De Lisle and Granville families who all continue to be great advocates and supporters of the work we do.

Our thanks also goes out to Hugo Morris from Morris Insurance , John Brennan and Sylwia Zebrowska for their continued support.

plus special thanks to Angela and Jillie for always being there.