When it came to redesigning our collections we wanted to make sure that the majority of our products that arrive at your front door can be recycled. We are committed to always looking for new ways to make our company and the products we sell more sustainable.

We now use fully recycled glass as much as possible across all our collections but it is currently still not possible to get away from plastic use entirely. Whilst this doesn't sound great certain plastics are more environmentally friendly than others and some can be fully recycled.

Our plastic bottles are made of PET and contain 30% recycled content. PET plastic is 100% fully recyclable.

Did you know the majority of consumers still prefer to purchase products that come with an outer box? They are also more likely to be prepared to pay a higher price for them even when 90% of the packaging is only used once and then discarded. We think this is madness and we are committed to only using as much packaging for our products as is absolutely necessary.

We have also changed our delivery company to DPD. DPD has, among other 'greener' initiatives, committed to switching to all-electric delivery vehicles and their packaging bags are made from 80% reclaimed material, whilst being 100% recyclable and made from waste from the agricultural industry, that would otherwise find its way to landfill.

As well as becoming signatories to the UK Government backed SME Climate Commitment, we are working to qualify the business for "B Corp" qualification which involves measuring and managing our social and environmental performance with the best tools available.  

As a company Healing Alternatives is always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability. Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas you would like to share with us either on the H:A WhatsApp page or at sustainability@healingalternatives.co.uk