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We are all likely to experience common skin issues like acne, dry skin and with time, aging skin. The two major causes of this are free radical damage to the epidermis and inflammation caused by an Endocannabinoid deficiency. CBD is an incredibly effective ingredient to help counter these two major causes.In our Face Collection we have taken CBD oils and blended them with compounds from other plants to create an incredibly effective collection of products.

The Collections


CBD Oils can be applied topically as an effective means to help relieve different localised conditions. Our formulators have lovingly created creams, balms and an arnica spray to become everyday essential additions for your family's First Aid cabinet. The Body Collection combines the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD with other healing properties found in an array of other natural plants to treat and soothe severe aches and pains, cuts and bruises, problematic dry skin conditions and help ease the symptoms associated with Eczema and Psoriasis.

The collections


The Sleep Easy Collection has been created to improve our overall Sleep experience. Sleep is one of the main corner stones that underpins our wellbeing and underlying health.

Our organic CBD is a natural method which may help restore sleep patterns. The Sleep Easy products are expertly blended with other "sleepy" plant compounds to encourage a good nights sleep.

The Collections


Our Bath collection has been created with only the best natural essential oils and Broad Spectrum CBD. The collection contains three different Bath Salts and a Bath Oil. All designed to help reduce stress, improve overall mood, aid sleep and provide a sense of well being.

The high mineralisation of our Dead Sea salts improves joint mobility, skin problems and soothes the nervous system.

The Collections


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The Collections


We think that what you surround yourself with and the products you use on a daily basis has a direct correlation with how you feel and your overall wellbeing.

We wanted to create products with quality ingredients at affordable prices and so we created the Home Collection to do just that. We now offer a small range of everyday home products at affordable prices.

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