Sleep Easy CBD Balm. 50ml.Award winning - Soothing and calming balm to encourage a sense of wellbeing and calm for a good night's sleep.  Perfect for easing symptoms of menopause.

Sleep Easy CBD Balm. 50ml.

Ultimate CBD Balm. 50mlUltimate CBD Balm. 50ml

Ultimate CBD Balm. 50ml

Mountain Relief Balm. 50ml

Mountain Relief Balm. 50ml

First Aid CBD Balm. 50ml.First Aid CBD Balm. 50ml.

First Aid CBD Balm. 50ml.

Dry Skin CBD Balm. 50ml.Healing Alternatives | Award winning Dry Skin Balm to soothe and moisturise dry and cracked skin. Natural and organic products. Menopause friendly.

Dry Skin CBD Balm. 50ml.


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