Healing Alternatives Partners with GenM to Revolutionise the Menopause Experience.

In a collaboration aimed at helping to transform the menopause journey, Healing Alternatives, an award winning natural wellness and beauty brand is proud to announce its partnership with GenM, the pioneering organisation in supporting brands to address the needs of the menopause community. This partnership signifies a collective effort to enhance the menopause experience by normalising conversations around it and launching innovative products aimed at alleviating one of the menopauses 48 symptoms.

Healing Alternatives brings to this partnership a wealth of experience and a portfolio of 15 menopause products identified as meeting the MTick criteria, GenM's iconic symbol that identifies products that can ease, relieve and support any of the 48 signs and symptoms of menopause, making it easy for women to take control of their menopause in the way that best suits them. 

Healing Alternatives is looking forward to joining GenM at Live 2024 (formally Retail Week Live) March 12th-13th. Together we hope to engage with retailers to help them to understand the importance of menopause and serving this currently overlooked and underserved consumer better.

Veronica Morris, founder of Healing Alternatives, expresses her enthusiasm:

“We are delighted to join GenM on their mission to normalise the Menopause conversation. Our goal is to support millions of women to lead healthier, happier lives by creating natural products, providing information and listening to their needs.”

Heather Jackson, co-founder of GenM, welcomes Healing Alternatives:

“Throughout their five years of operation, improving women’s health and wellbeing has been at the forefront of Healing Alternatives’ mission. We are delighted to welcome them as a GenM Partner, joining our vibrant community of responsible and forward-thinking brands. We are also so proud to see our MTick displayed across Healing Alternatives’ wide range of products, making it easy and clear for consumers to find items that support, ease or relieve one or more of the 48 signs and symptoms of menopause.”

Healing Alternative MTick products available now

Should you require any further information please contact Veronica: veronica@healingalternatives.co.uk

"We have all been born with an innate ability to heal ourselves. This is our super power! We just have to remember how to use it again "

Veronica Morris H:A Founder