Is CBD Legal?

CBD oil is legal in the UK, but the THC content must be less than 0.2%. In the UK, cannabis seeds are for collection purposes only. The cannabis seeds may only germinate in countries with more liberal laws.

Healing Alternatives holds NO responsibility for the misuse of our products. We are also not liable for the use of any of our products for illegal activities or manufacturing of illegal products.

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Healing Alternatives will not be held responsible for any international laws that may be broken by customers abroad.

It is advised that you determine whether or not cannabis is legal in your country before purchasing any of our products.

We will not be held responsible for any loss incurred as a result of using our product. We will also not be held liable for replacing the product should it be confiscated by law enforcement officials.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that you use our products the way that they were intended in accordance with the laws of your country.