Avoid Dry Hands This Winter

As winter approaches I find my hands getting drier and looking a little bit more wrinkly. I have noticed that as I’m getting older, they need a bit more tender love and care. By doing the basics this winter, I can get them looking “younger” and more nourished.

The main reason why we struggle with dry hands during the winter is due to reduced moisture, as humidity levels drop outside and central heating inside causes drier air. The effects of this are dry, red, rough and even chapped hands come February.

Moisturising six times a day and wearing gloves when going out in the cold, helps to restore and retain moisture. I keep hand cream with me at all times, in my bag, next to my computer and in my car. You get the idea.

I find that drinking more water hydrates me and I can definitely see a noticeable effect on my hands. Also think about a using a humidifier this winter to bring in a little more moisture into your living spaces.

Yours in health,