About Us

In November 2019 Cannabiz Ltd launched its flagship brand: Healing Alternatives. Healing Alternatives Produces health, wellness and beauty products derived from the very best organic hemp grown in Switzerland and expertly formulated here in the United Kingdom.

The team was brought together by a shared desire to promote the benefits of Cannabis derived compounds, starting with CBD.

“We want to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services available whilst continuously looking to push the boundaries of product innovation. The current product range offers Oils, Topicals and Bath Salts.” Lize Copeland – Co-Founder.

The discovery and recognition of the endocannabinoid system by the scientific community as the thirteenth system in the human body and its capacity to balance all other body systems to create homeostasis has created a huge opportunity. Consumers are looking to move away from large pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in search of alternative health, beauty and wellness solutions provided by indie brands.

Healing Alternatives is an independent brand that values transparency, clarity and honesty in everything we do. Providing clear information on our labelling and website about concentration levels and the specific effects of CBD. Good education is critical in developing customer confidence and we hope to provide that. We are also proud that

  • All our products are organically grown
  • Our product batches are tested by third party labs, all results are available to be viewed on our website
  • We only use low impact packaging that is recyclable and all our ingredients are biodegradable.

While some retail experts believe that CBD will become just another passing fad those that are on the frontline of researching the Cannabis plant’s compounds know that CBD is just the beginning. Healing Alternatives is already developing products with other compounds such as CBG.

Global CBD skincare sales alone are conservatively projected to hit £750 million in the next 5 years. This will account for an estimated 10% of global skincare sales.

We look forward to receiving your orders and we are happy to discuss developing product lines which you have a particular interest in.

Contact details for orders and additional information: info@healingalternatives.co.uk

Office tel no: 00 44 2080128147